“Piano Extravaganza” Open Call Auditions on May 1st, 2016


Open Call Auditions

(Piano Students ages 5-13 are eligible)

To perform in the Piano Extravaganza Concert!  
Sign up to audition and you could perform before a live audience as part of the biggest piano event of the year: Southeastern Piano Festival’s Piano Extravaganza, on June 12th, 2016, at 4:00 PM in the Darla Moore School of Business Johnson Hall.

A special work for 8 pianists and four grand pianos was commissioned as part of the 2016 Southeastern Piano Festival initiative to involve children in creating, attending, and appreciating live music.  A young up-and-coming composer, Sasha Yakub, will compose a fantasy for 16 hands with hit songs like Frozen, Uptown Funk, and others.

Auditions will be held on May 1st at the USC School of Music, Room 231, at 813 Assembly Street, Columbia, SC 29208. Piano students ages 5-13 are eligible to audition. Prepare two pieces for the auditions: one memorized solo work of your choosing and the part for the Piano Extravaganza concert.

To register, please first pay the $10 registration fee here. Be sure to write down the Order Number, enter it at the bottom of the registration form, and complete all required information.

Below is the link to the folders containing the parts for you to prepare for your audition in addition to the memorized work of your choosing.


The parts for children 5-13 are in the folder labeled “Audition Scores” and a MIDI recording has been included in a separate folder for download to hear the work. The full score has been included in the link as well as the adult scores for teachers to help prepare students; however, the Audition Scores are what are to be selected and prepared for the audition. The scores are divided by levels as follows and students should prepare the excerpts indicated beneath the scores:

  • Primo 1 (Intermediate)
    • mm. 23-27 taking the second ending
      mm. 42-57
      m. 65- to the downbeat of m. 73
      mm. 96-99
  • Secondo 2 (Intermediate)
    • mm. 25-30 taking the second ending
      mm. 44-45 with the option to continue through m. 55
      m. 55-to the downbeat of m. 57
      mm. 67-75
  • Secondo 3 (Beginner)
    • mm. 21-27 taking the second ending
      m. 55-to the downbeat of m. 57
      mm. 67-73
      mm. 85-92
  • Secondo 4 (Beginner)
    • m. 21-27 taking the second ending
      mm. 42-45
      mm. 54-57
      mm. 67-73

Student’s should prepare only one part in addition to their memorized solo work. The judges are most interested in a student’s ability with tempi, rhythm, counting, attention to dynamics, and overall stage presence. The audition times will be scheduled closer to May 1st. All levels are welcome to audition. There will be at least three rehearsals, two during the month of May, and a dress rehearsal on June 11.

The winners of the audition will be notified by email and phone as well as announced on our Facebook page and website.  One additional award for the “most promising young pianist” will be announced at the Piano Extravaganza Concert.  The award will include a festival t-shirt, a feature in the 2017 festival and four tickets to any of the 2016 SEPF concerts of the winner’s choosing.

If you have any questions, please email sepf@mozart.sc.edu and we will be happy to talk to you.


Southeastern Piano Festival



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