2016 Participants Announced!

Southeastern Piano Festival is proud to present the participants of the 2016 Southeastern Piano Festival, which will take place in Columbia, SC, June 12th-19th. Joining us from across the country, each participant was chosen from a record number of applicants.

Participants of the 2016 Southeastern Piano Festival:

Anastasia Magamedova, of Murray, UT; student of Heather Conner
Baron Cao, of State College, PA; student of Dea Baba
Charlie Liu, of Princeton, NJ; student of Ingrid Clarfield
Christian Chiu, of Pittsburgh, PA; student of Natasha Snitkovsky
Daniel Che, of Plano, TX; student of Yifan Liu
Daniel Oslin, of Lynnwood, WA; student of Drs. Nancy Jang and Duane Hulbert
Daniel Szefer, of Winnetka, IL; student of Ralph Neiweem
David Hou, of Hawthorn Woods, IL; student of Alan Chow
Eric Lin, of Falls Church, VA; student of Marjorie Lee
Ethan Yuen, of Palo Alto, CA; student of Hans Boepple
Hans Chan, of St. Louis, MO; student of Annette Burkhart
Heather Hsun Chang, of Palo Alto, CA; student of Corey McVicar
Jarrett Takaki, of Wilmette, IL; student of Sueanne Metz
Jason Zhang, of Dallas, TX; student of Tamas Ungar
Josephine Chan, of San Francisco, CA; student of Corey McVicar
Lewis Zou, of Solon, OH; student of Alvin Chow
Mahima Kumara, of State College, PA; student of Dea Baba
Nita Qiu, of Woodbury, MN; student of Dr. Joseph Zins
Oliver Betz, of Brooklyn, NY; student of Matti Raekallio
Roger Shen, of Northbrook, IL; student of Jon Sakata

Congratulations to all applicants, their teachers, parents, and friends! It takes tremendous work, talent, courage, focus, and support from many individuals to achieve what you have achieved and we look forward to you joining us this June!

2016 Guest Artists


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